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By now you probably have a lot of questions to ask, but don’t worry we have all the answers you need! Below we have listed the top frequently asked questions.

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Why are you giving away free likes on Instagram?

This has to be the most asked question we’ve had, back in 2011 we started a company selling Instagram likes and followers. The company was going real good and we was making a good amount of profit, in 2011 not many people was selling Instagram likes and followers so there wasn’t any competition. As the months went on more people started companies just like us! They managed to sell there services for much cheeper than us therefor making us loose pretty much all of our customers. We decided to put our company to a halt so we was left with thousands of Instagram accounts. So what better to give our instagram likes free ?

Could my account be banned or put at risk from using this service?

Absolutely not, there is nothing to worry about when using our service. FiL care about the safety and security of your account therefor when we deliver the likes we don’t break any terms and conditions of Instagram.

Is there a catch, can I actually get 15,000 Instagram likes free?

There is no catch whatsoever! Our likes are 100% free of charge so there is nothing to worry about… Still not convinced? Give it a try and find out

Your information is safe!

Any information you give us will be kept safe and will never be shared with anyone, nobody will ever know you got free Instagram likes…

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How do I get my picture URL?

Open up your web browser and type in Replace “YOURUSERNAME” with your actual Instagram username and hit enter. You will now see all your pictures you have uploaded, select one of the pictures and copy the URL at the top, The link should look somthing like this “”

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By now I hope you have a good understanding on what we provide but if you have anything else you wish to ask just contact us. There is probably only one reason why you found us… Because you wanted free likes on Instagram? If I was right you sure came to the right place! We are certain that we are the only people who provide free likes on Instagram.   Free Instagram likes (FiL) Provides a completely anonymous and desecrate service, therefor keeping all your information safe and private. We will never share your information with anyone.

If you have 23,000 available likes why can I only get 15,000?

The main reason why you can only get 15,000 likes when we have 23,000 accounts available is because we like to keep a backup of accounts incase anything goes wrong… Say we offer 23,000 likes and we loose some of the accounts we will no longer be able to offer the full 23,000 free likes on instagram.

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